VMZINC Partner50 Year Guarantee on VMZINC building solutions with DM Specialist Roofing.

DM Specialist Roofing are in partnership with VMZINC to provide you with the best possible products, solutions and quality materials for your project. As we are one of only 2 partners in the whole of Ireland to be certified and accredited with VMZINC, we can therefore provide you with the solution you need and the reassurance of a 50 Year Guarantee on our VMZINC products and services. For more details on our Partnership CLICK HERE

Zinc roofing that’ll last longer than you!

Used for the first time in the early 19th century in the US, zinc roofing has come a long way and is employed in almost 70% of the residential buildings in Europe. Good quality zinc roofing strips are an architect's dream as they provide versatility in application, appearance and use.

Zinc roofing resists corrosion as it naturally develops a protective patina, thus making it a sound investment option. It’s highly durable nature makes it an excellent roofing material that can last a hundred years, four times longer than steel roofing. The rain can’t break it down and its patina helps repair itself, thus excluding the need of vanish, coating or regular maintenance.


Design considerations

Furthermore, unlike other roofing materials, zinc can be easily given any shape, making it an ideal option for creating clever roof designs. As it is recyclable in nature, zinc is beneficial for the environment too.

You can contact us at DM Specialist Roofing for supply and installation of quality zinc roofing. Our skilled roofing experts can install zinc roofing on all types of properties, making use of integral clipping fitting, standing seams, batten roll etc.

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We are proud to be associated with a superb house shortlisted for the 2015 RIBA House of the Year in Maghera
Zinc Roof by DM Specialist Roofing

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